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See Ziggy at Zig's Electric & Plumbing Supply
Magic Heat heat reclaimers

Magic Heat Heat Reclaimers

At Zig's we sell Magic Heat heat reclaimers for both 6" and 8" pipe.The Magic Heat Wood Stove Heat Reclaimer increases the efficiency of your wood stove. When the exhaust gases from your wood stove heat the stove pipe to 150ºF the Magic Heat's internal thermostat turns it on. The Magic Heat's 225 cfm electric powered fan forces cool air to circulate around the 10 heat exchanger tubes heated by the hot flue gases. The now warm air is then forced out into your living space with 8000 to 30,000 BTU's of additional room heat..

By reclaiming the heat from your wood stove's exhaust fumes, you are increasing your heating efficiency and will use less fuel to heat the same amount of space. This heat reclaimer is proudly made in the USA, ensuring quality craftsmanship.

Basic Information:

  • Crimped Pipe on Bottom
  • Fits 8" Flues for Wood Stoves(6" Flues for 6" model)
  • Designed for use with inside flue temperatures exceeding 350 degrees F (skin temperatures of 250 degrees F)
  • Installs easily using basic household tools
  • Thermostatically controlled; factory preset to provide trouble free operation
  • Plugs into any standard 110V home outlet
  • Made for single wall pipe only and not double wall black pipe
  • Bottom crimped model
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